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W dniu 1 grudnia 2014 r. zakończył się projekt pt. „Nowoczesny Uniwersytet – kompleksowy program wsparcia dla doktorantów i kadry dydaktycznej Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego”, zrealizowany w ramach Programu Operacyjnego Kapitał Ludzki. [więcej...]

Po raz ostatni w tym roku zapraszamy do przeczytania najnowszego numeru pisma „Uniwersytet Warszawski”, w którym jeden z obszernych artykułów poświęcony jest podsumowaniu projektu „Nowoczesny Uniwersytet” [więcej...]

28 października 2014 r. w Sali Senatu w Pałacu Kazimierzowskim, odbyła się konferencja pt. „Nowoczesny Uniwersytet – w poszukiwaniu strategicznych kierunków i sposobów wsparcia rozwoju kadry akademickiej Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego” podsumowująca rezultaty pięcioletniego projektu „Nowoczesny Uniwersytet”. W wydarzeniu wzięli udział Rektorzy Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, uczestnicy projektu oraz goście z instytucji zewnętrznych [więcej...]

Szanowni Państwo, przypominamy że w dniu dzisiejszym kończą się zapisy na konferencję pt. „Nowoczesny Uniwersytet – w poszukiwaniu strategicznych kierunków i sposobów wsparcia rozwoju kadry akademickiej Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego” podsumowującą projekt „Nowoczesny Uniwersytet – kompleksowy program wsparcia dla doktorantów i kadry dydaktycznej Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego” – Program Operacyjny Kapitał Ludzki [więcej...]

Z przyjemnością informujemy, iż przyjmujemy już zapisy na konferencję pt. „Nowoczesny Uniwersytet – w poszukiwaniu strategicznych kierunków i sposobów wsparcia rozwoju kadry akademickiej Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego”. Celem wydarzenia jest podsumowanie rezultatów kilkuletniego projektu pt. „Nowoczesny Uniwersytet – kompleksowy program wsparcia dla doktorantów i kadry dydaktycznej Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego” [wiecej...]

Notables great browser game; Agario!
kopamaz of the games they play, as people affectionately known. tiring and annoying a lot in everyday life, as time passes and the navigable time to display the type of game you live a more enjoyable process. Technology has entered the game progresses, the home through computers. Many popular games are already installed in the computer era. But the Internet has changed the series evolves event. Now people are turning to more beautiful and enjoyable game that can play freely on the Internet. The lack of this type of charge for the computer game, to be played directly from the Internet by entering and players should not create a situation that no additional details were happy. For example, the most recent game break with Agario private server million people day and night showed at this point is provided to play this game. In the absence of a multiuser chat system Agario in the original game it has been reason to prefer private server.
small round-shaped character of the players who have the main goal in the game to grow without having to feed the characters of other players and to improve the collection points. Briefly PvP game can be summed up this way. This is almost as well as many different alternatives in the same way forward and although this game is extremely low becomes popular if the rest on the basis of simple and grip to ensure the operation of the game too easy. At this point the players nice great time and the most points can not be passed to deal with magical characters took.
Agario Game Playing?
pvp server every time Agario million players from all countries want to go on day and night to the Internet only for the site can play this game. Set a nickname the site entered as the first and the writing of this name, it extended a desired shape. This form will be included in the game without wasting time after writing names of the players. The first detail is the difference in the game in question is to eat at the same place in a similar way to round character. This is achieved by passing through the consumption of food and nutrition. Each character when feed intake is a bit more developed. Thus, the characters grow and begin hunting. Different food competitors to be large enough to get some of that in this game, as each food or increase the score of the character when the bulk of the defeated opponent expands.
On the other hand, there are also peaks in the game and you have to pay special attention to these blows. For example, if the character is large and provided with thorns can be divided into very small pieces. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to more than one layer of thorns with large characters that are competitors in the field. Thus, it is easier to survive. continuous characters to continue to live and grow can play the first game.
AgarioWhich keys are used?
The game is the most important issue that dominated the mouse across. Because the rate at which the character and depends on where you move the right mouse button. The orientation of the mouse movement according to the character of the player who has the same frequency is provided directly to the mouse. more important and more effective than does the second element at that point. providing mice, and the division of the key that represents a key point in space. Space bar thanks to accelerated division and smaller characters. After a while the character again joined in one body. The final key is the x button. The key character is carried out through the pulling power right track when pressed. You can also use good faith and bad faith. Anyone who wishes can also be fighting for the first deneyebilirk this wonderful game. The attractive effects of playing more addictive and accessible from all over the world, leaving the game in question form. As in the chat system of the original game playing the game a user agario private servers.

14 marca 2014 r. w ramach Programu doskonalenia nauczycieli akademickich UW (w budynku Starego BUW-u) odbyła się konferencja pt. Uczenie się przez całe życie a dydaktyka szkoły wyższej na przykładzie Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego [więcej...]

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Z przyjemnością informujemy, iż w związku z otrzymaniem zgody Narodowego Centrum Badań i Rozwoju na zwiększenie puli środków przyznanych na stypendia dla młodych doktorów Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, Komisja Konkursowa projektu „Nowoczesny Uniwersytet – kompleksowy program wsparcia dla doktorantów i kadry dydaktycznej Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego” (Program Operacyjny Kapitał Ludzki) podjęła decyzję o przyznaniu czterech stypendiów naukowych kolejnym osobom z listy rankingowej V konkursu na stypendia dla najlepszych młodych doktorów (są to osoby od nr 23 do 26) [więcej...]

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Analiza i ocena przebiegu procesów kształcenia, wyznaczanie i ocenianie efektów edukacyjnych, oraz metodyki nauczania osób dorosłych, a także planowanie pracy dydaktycznej to tematy najbliższego szkolenia z Dydaktyki Szkoły Wyższej [więcej...]

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Z przyjemnością informujemy, eskişehir escort
że nowe szkolenia organizowane w escort bayan
ramach Programu Doskonalenia Nauczycieli Akademickich UW z Pozyskiwania środków na badania naukowe i tworzenie nowych programów oraz Dydaktyki szkoły wyższej pojawią się już we wrześniu [więcej...]

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Yapılan pek çok araştırma göz önüne alındığında izlenilen filmlerin psikolojiyi ciddi derece etkilediği ortaya koyulmuştur. Gün içerisinde evde vakit geçirdiğinizi düşündüğünüzde evde bir sikiş ses olması adına pek çok kişi televizyon izlemektedir. İster yarışma programı olsun, ister diziler ya da belgeseller dikkatinizi başka yöne çeken bir şeyler öğrenmenizi, bir konu hakkında fikir sahibi olmanızı ya da vakit geçirmenizi sağlamaktadır. Film izlemeyi de pek çok kişi mutlu olmak, keyifli vakit geçirmek, iş stresinden uzaklaşmak, yalnız kalmak ya da kendine vakit ayırmak için kullanmaktadır.
Çocuklar Ne Tür Film İzlemeli?
Film izlemenin kişilerin ruhsal yönü üzerinde de etkili olduğu bilinmektedir. Özellikle çocuklar üzerinde yapılan araştırmalarda olumsuz içerikli filmlerin çocukları arkadaşları ile paylaşımda bulunurken etkileri gözlenmiştir. Yapılan araştırmada olumsuz içerikli filmleri brazzers zihinlerine yerleştiren çocukların arkadaşlarına kötü davranışlarda bulunduğu gözlemlenmiştir.
Pek çok ebeveyn çocuklarını TV karşısında bırakıp kendi işleri ile meşgul olmaktadır. Buradaki sorumsuz aile davranışı çocukların da olumsuz davranış kazanmasında etkili olmaktadır. Film izlemek isteyen çocukların aileleri ile birlikte seçim yapması gerekmektedir. Bu nedenle çocukların ne tür film izleyecekleri de önem taşımaktadır.
Çocuklara paylaşımcı, iyilik ve dürüstlüğün öneminin anlatıldığı aile ve kardeş kavramlarının önemi ile ilgili içeriklerin olduğu filmler izletilmelidir. Özellikle çocukların dürüst türk porno davranışları öğrenmesi için örnek olan filmler olduğu gibi tam tersi çocukların şiddet yanlısı olmasına neden olacak filmler de vardır. Bu nedenle izlenecek filmlerin aileler tarafından seçilmesi ve keyifli bir ortamda filmlerin izlenmesi çocuk için önemlidir.

Gorąco zachęcamy do zapoznania się z sylwetkami (oraz dorobkiem naukowym) Laureatów III edycji konkursu na stypendia dla najlepszych uczestników studiów doktoranckich i młodych doktorów [więcej...]

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